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Listening, Perspective, Clarity

Careers with Heart

Career Coaching with a Focus on Personal Fulfilment

About Me

I work with professional women who are feeling that they are at a crossroads in their life and are looking for a new career.


I help clients to overcome the barriers that hold them back and  to find a new role that both satisfies their aspirations and supports the rest of their working life.


I help women to find their inner strengths and gain clarity about the direction to take their future. I support them to find a role that gives them fulfilment and ensures that they feel excited to tell their friends and acquaintances about their work.


You too can find a Career with Heart. I can help you to create a realistic and workable plan to achieve your goals and ambitions.


I can give you support and gentle guidance, help you to recognise how much you have already achieved, find perspective and clarity, and ultimately realise you have the strengths and skills to follow your heart.


By booking a complimentary Careers with Heart Clarity Session you can take control of your future, and take the first step towards finding a role that is authentic to you.


Take The First Step

I offer a complimentary Careers with Heart Clarity Session. This free call offers an opportunity to talk freely and privately about your current circumstances and to get clarity about how you would like it to be different.

This conversation can be hugely valuable and provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts, fears, hopes and aspirations. It can also be a great way to take the first step in acknowledging you want more, and that regardless of your current situation there is a way to change things for the better.


This Clarity Session is a chance to voice your secret dreams and plan your next step.  


All Careers with Heart sessions are strictly confidential.

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