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More About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have a calm and collected demeanour, and I am a natural listener. I give my clients time to speak and to think. I have a strong focus on what is being said and thus enable my clients to unlock the heart of the problem, look at things from a different perspective, and find a vision for their future.

I really enjoy meeting new clients, seeing their progress over a course of sessions, and I love watching them set out on a course to achieve their dreams! It is a privilege to hear other people's stories, and I feel humbled by the deep feelings shared with me, and the trust my clients give me. 


During my time as a Careers with Heart Coach, I have helped a variety of people, from all different fields, and am delighted by the feedback they have given. 

Below are some of the kind words clients have shared with me:

"Cathy has been exceptionally valuable in helping me clarify my deep thoughts towards my career ambitions. She has a masterful art in bringing out clarity of purpose and helping one reach tangible objectives.

Cathy has a way of helping you re-conceptualise your blurry thoughts in a way that forms meaningful strategic directions. I particularly liked her style of asking you challenging questions ‘on the why’ and how she helps you bring out the underlying reason that strengthens your goals and objectives.

As a client, it is surprising to discover how much knowledge and solution I have buried within me after each coaching session"

"Cathy has been a great listener: Speaking to her during the coaching session was natural, comfortable and effortless. She has enabled me to gain clarity and understanding of my own self and where I am at. Over her sessions she made me a stronger individual, realising what I needed to be working on and what in my own self deserves most time and focus. She is particularly brilliant at situations related to personal and work relationships, as she gives you the opportunity to fully express yourself, be authentic and later incorporate that authenticity in other fields of your life.
I enjoyed working with her tremendously"

"Cathy is an extremely skilled coach. Our work together led me from a place of uncertainty and speculation, to a plan with goals and a timeline. Her insightful questions gave me real food for thought and allowed me to reflect on areas I hadn't considered. Whenever I got stuck, she asked something both relevant and provocative which helped me to shift my thinking. Her personal warmth assured me that I had someone walking alongside me at all times throughout our sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cathy and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach."

"With Cathy, it is not just a correct and professional approach, but sympathy and kindness towards others, as well as a deep understanding of challenging situations. These elements are truly crucial to any conflict resolution and empowering, whatever field one is coached in"

Qualifications And Certifications

Animas Accredited Coach with Diploma in Transformational Coaching

PhD Human Molecular Genetics, from

Imperial College London

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