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Careers with Heart

For most of us, earning a living is an essential part of our adult lives. For a lucky few, they've known what they wanted to do since they were little kids, worked hard at school, achieved the necessary qualifications, found the perfect entry level job, worked their way to their ideal post- and are living happily ever after.

However, not many of us can say that our 5 year old selves are now successful, fulfilled and living their dream.

When you sit on the couch on a Sunday night dreading the commute on Monday, fretting over your boss's appraisal meeting on Tuesday, and anxious that you maybe facing redundancy, it might feel as though you have to put up with it all. You may feel you are stuck, and there is no way for you to change anything.

This simply isn't true. At any point you can reframe your hopes and ambitions, redefine your role, and discover that you can create a career for yourself that has heart.

Career coaching is a great way to think through the parts of your job you aren't happy about. It might be that you love the idea of your job, but the reality is not matching your expectations.

Maybe you feel like you would be better suited to a totally different field, but the rest of your life prohibits such a massive change of course. Maybe you feel your current job is the safe option, but you dream of letting go and taking a risk.

Talking to a trained career coach can help you process the obstacles in your way, discover the dreams you've long forgotten- and find a way to make several small changes, or one big leap! You can find a direction that works for you, realise your potential, and find a role that feels authentic, fulfilling and full of heart.

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